Brand Your Masks

Your brand on our masks

Protect your staff and customers while looking professional.

Our Branded Masks division was born out of Covid19, when we set ourselves the mission to address the needs of businesses globally, in the critical task of keeping their staff and valued customers safe, whilst at the same time leveraging the trust and loyalty that has been built up in their brands over time.

The truth is that the typical paper face mask that is usually worn by people, was never really intended to enhance your corporate identity.  It was designed just to be practical.  Now thanks to us, we have combined “practical” with “aesthetic”, to produce functional, customised masks that can truly represent your brand.

Our specialist division provides branded face masks that will fit in professionally with staff uniforms, while providing reassurance to clients and customers that you highly value their safety and well-being.

By having your company’s logo clearly printed on each face mask, they can offer you the opportunity to provide extra visibility for your brand, as well as adding a smart and professional touch to staff appearance

Branded Face Mask

Our masks provide bacteria, dust and UV protection, and are made of comfortable and breathable materials.  They are long lasting and can be washed up to 30 times each.   We also offer the option of triple layers for those who require fluid repellent masks.
All branded masks are manufactured using superior quality materials, and are certified to British standards.

Our masks come in a range of optional colours, as well as a choice of outer materials to suit all your needs.   Finally, you can choose to have your company’s logo either embroidered or laser printed onto the mask.